Three months after my husband was in remission from cancer I found a lump in my breast. I knew immediately what it meant and what I needed to do to stay alive. Once the diagnosis of Stage Three Breast Cancer was given to me, I began searching for ways to save my hair. I knew I would go to H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center for treatment and after reading about DigniCap, I was thrilled to know Moffitt had it available.

I was born with several congenital anomalies and being able to keep my hair meant a lot to me because having hair meant I would still look the same. I already stick out as it is but keeping my hair allowed me to maintain a certain amount of normalcy. For me, this was important. When people found out I was undergoing treatment for cancer they would marvel how I still had my hair.

Scalp cooling is a personal decision. My family, friends, and strangers were all amazed at the outcome I had with DigniCap. Being able to share my story and success with those who are just diagnosed or have friends and family diagnosed with breast cancer is uplifting. I believe in DigniCap, and what it can do for a person’s outlook so much I am founding a grant to bring DigniCap to my county and provide assistance to women who can’t afford the cost of treatments.

– Christina, Florida