The DigniCap Instruction Videos will teach you how to fit the DigniCap Silicone Cap and the DigniTherm Click Cap. A cap that fits correctly provides even coverage across the scalp to ensure the best possible patient outcome from the scalp cooling treatment.

The DigniTherm Click Cap ensures a close fit for optimal results during the scalp cooling process to minimize chemotherapy induced hair loss.

The DigniTherm Click Cap is:

  • Easy for patients to quickly achieve a precise fit
  • Comfortable contact with uniform pressure throughout
  • Secure closure means once locked, it stays in place

DigniCap Instruction: Fitting the Silicone Cap (VIDEO)

DigniCap Instruction: Fitting the DigniTherm Click Cap (VIDEO)

Patient Support Center – CLICK HERE.

Our Support Center hours are Monday – Friday from 7 am – 6 pm, Central Time (U.S.) , excluding holidays. Email or web inquiries received during this time will receive a reply within 2 hours. Voicemails that are left during business hours will be returned by end of the business day. After hours, your inquiry will be returned within 24 hours, or by 11 am the next business day.

For the fastest response, submit a support ticket through the Patient Support Center. 

Please note, per HIPAA regulations, providing your phone number and/or e-mail address constitutes your agreement that Dignitana may leave a voicemail at the phone number you provide or answer your question via the e-mail you provide.

How To Pay for DigniCap Treatments

Patients at some facilities pay Dignitana directly for their DigniCap sessions, and others are billed by the facility. Your provider will let you know which process they use.

If you have been told to create an account to pay Dignitana directly, you will use myDigniCap, the online payment portal to pay for your treatments. Once you have scheduled your chemotherapy appointment with your medical provider, please follow the directions below.

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right of the screen click on REGISTER
  3. Under NEW ACCOUNT REGISTRATION, complete information
  4. In the CONSENT section, read and click on the arrows on the right to scroll down then click on “I have read…”
  5. In the PRIVACY section, read and click on the arrows on the right to scroll down then click on “I hereby acknowledge…”
  6. In the PAYMENT TERMS section, read and click on the arrows on the right to scroll down then click on “I have read…”
  7. In the FDA APPROVED BROCHURE section, select CLICK TO REVIEW to view the Patient Brochure (also available as the printed Patient Information Booklet at your doctor’s office). Click on “I have read…”
  8. Under SIGNATURE – type your name and today’s date
  9. Under ADDITIONAL TREATMENT INFORMATION – select the appropriate details for your chemo treatment
  10. Under myDIGNICAP ACCOUNT SETUP – enter your email address and create a password for myDigniCap
  11. Once all fields are complete, press SUBMIT to create account.
  12. Check your email for the account activation link
  13. Click on the link in your email to activate your account
  14. Enter the email address and password that you just provided in registration
  15. Congratulations – you have now created your myDigniCap account and logged in! The facility you indicated in Registration should show up in the “Pay for a Treatment” box – click PAY ONLINE
  16. Enter the date and information about your scheduled appointment
  18. Enter billing details and credit card information
  19. Click PLACE ORDER
  20. You will receive a receipt in your email, and the financial contact at your treatment facility will be notified that your payment for this scheduled treatment has been made and consent provided.

Once you have created the account, remember the password as you will sign back into the account before every treatment and pay. There is not an auto-bill feature, so you will need to pay and sign consent before every treatment.


Click the links below to download copies of our patient literature.

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CLICK HERE for a detailed overview of clinical research including information on the Pivotal Trial, solid tumors, scalp metastases, and quality of life.

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