Chemotherapy may destroy your cancer, but it doesn’t have to destroy your hair.

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Breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have faced the almost inevitable prospect of losing their hair. While scalp cooling during chemotherapy has long been known as an effective method to help to prevent that hair loss, U.S. patients have never had access to a scalp cooling treatment that is cleared by the FDA.  That has now changed.

For the first time ever the FDA has given clearance to a scalp cooling system that can reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss in women with breast cancer: The DigniCap® scalp cooling system.

For over a decade, the DigniCap® system has successfully helped thousands of patients outside the United States. Now, with FDA clearance, infusion centers across the country will be able to offer this important treatment option directly to U.S. patients as part of their chemotherapy treatment.

DigniCap® scalp cooling systems are already in many infusion centers across the country, with more being added every week.  Patients should talk with their physicians and infusion centers in their area to explore adding the DigniCap® treatment to their chemotherapy regimen. Click here for an updated of list of infusion centers offering the DigniCap® treatment.

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 “Accepting the fact that I was going to lose my hair was very difficult because I felt as if I would be losing part of my identity. With the DigniCap, it allowed me to have control over something in a process where I really had no control…”

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 “My hair has always been my “signature” feature, ever since I turned prematurely silver at age 25, so when I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2014 [at age 59], I was devastated. I knew chemotherapy meant my hair would inevitably fall out…”

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