Financial Policy and Consent for Treatment

Facilities contract with Dignitana to provide scalp cooling services to minimize hair loss from chemotherapy.

Depending on the facility, payment will either be made at the facility or online through myDigniCap.com. If payment and consent for treatment is being provided online through myDigniCap, patients must access the website prior to receiving each treatment to consent and pay for any use of DigniCap.

It is the policy of Dignitana that only patients who have provided consent and paid for treatment will be permitted to use The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System.

As an alternative to payment online, patients may contact the Patient Support Center at (877) 350-2150 or support@dignicap.com to receive the consent documents by email, then return signed consent forms and a check for the treatment fees.  Payment and consent for each treatment must be received at least two business days prior to scheduled treatment.

Mailing address is: Dignitana, 10925 Estate Lane W-185, Dallas TX 75238

DigniCap Delta Refund Policy

Click HERE to view the DigniCap Delta Refund Policy.

Website Security

Dignitana provides a web-based payment portal for the payment of DigniCap treatments. The website functions as an eCommerce solution with a shopping cart connected to secure third party credit card processing. Patients register on the site and establish a username and password for return visits.

Website Security Protocols

  • The payment portal website resides on data servers which are managed by a HIPAA-compliant third-party vendor. Data storage and encryption are maintained to HIPAA-compliant standards.
  • Data is transferred over a secure tunnel using RSA Key Exchange for encryption.
  • The hard drive of the SFTP server is encrypted to ensure that the documents reside in an encrypted container. Encryption is AES-256.
  • SSAE 16 SOC 1/2/3 Type 2 certified data center utilizes the following building access controls: perimeter fencing, 24x7x365 onsite security staff, CCTV, visitor tracking, mantraps, badge readers, and locked cage area.
  • Payment processing is handled by authorize.net and submitted via a secure webpage.
  • Compliance Protocols in place: PCI, TLS2
  • Entire payment portal is secured by SSL certificate

Questions about these policies may be submitted to the Patient Support Center at support@dignicap.com.

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