Stephanie | California
Age: 54
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer, Stage 2
Regimen: TCHP x 6

Totally worth it. I estimate that I lost roughly 30 percent of my overall hair during treatment, mainly from the top of the scalp. Most people didn’t notice unless I pointed it out to them. Now that my treatment is successfully over, my hair has all come back, albeit grey. (But at least it’s there!)

Word of warning though, when you first get the cooling cap put on during each of your treatments, it will hurt as your entire head experiences a brain-freeze. It’s no joke. Fortunately, it doesn’t last the entire chemo treatment time, but I would say it’s a good 15-20 minutes of discomfort. I would still do it again if I had to. Keeping most of my hair was great because it wasn’t a constant reminder to myself that I was sick. Thanks Dignitana for this wonderful option.