Roxanne | Illinois
Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of Rt Breast
Chemotherapy Regimen: Taxotere/Cytoxan
Total Treatments: 4

I am a previous Uterine Cancer survivor and was blessed to have caught this early (Stage 1A) in 2018. I still had to have total hysterectomy, oophorectomy, lymph node removal (all clear) and preventative chemo due to the aggressive nature of the cancer. I did 6 rounds of Taxol and Carboplatin. At this time, I did not know about DigniCap and it wasn’t offered at my hospital. I lost all my hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows (but had a rockin’ wig!) It was still devastating to my self-esteem, my mood, and it was hard for my family to watch. I was blessed to have caught that beast in time and be all clear of that ailment!

Flash forward to June 2020 during a routine 3D mammogram they found a small (less than pencil eraser size) tumor in my right breast. Again, all tech’s say it was a miracle it was caught cause so small! Tumor removed, cancerous but slow growing (lazy tumor) all physicians thought I’d just need radiation, but ONCOTYPE DX score came back at 34, which means I would benefit from chemo to prolong my life and could increase my survival rate to 90%.

I never thought I’d do chemo again, but THIS time my new oncologist suggested The DigniCap Scalp Cooing System -and boy, was I glad he did! I can actually say it was one of the deciding factors in saying ‘ok’ to chemo again! So I signed up for 4 rounds of Cytoxan and Taxotere, just finished my last treatment and rang that bell yesterday! The Cold Capping treatment itself is well worth it. The first 20 minutes of cool down can be helped with 2 Tylenol an hour ahead, and I found all the Daniel Fields products to be ESSENTIAL! I especially liked the scalp cooling two-part system (prevents your hair from sticking to inside of cap), the hair growth active spray (can be used throughout treatment to keep hair follicles active) and the shampoo/conditioner is wonderful! All highly recommended! The hardest part is not washing your hair more than twice a week, as I had greasy hair. I would actually dip my fingers in organic rye flour (ph 5.5) and run them through my hair to absorb the grease between washings. It sounds crazy, but helped quite a bit!

Everyone has their own journey and will have their own results based on their hair thickness, type, cap fitting and chemo regimen. All I can tell you all is that I count DigniCap as another one of my BLESSINGS! I retained about 50-55% of my hair. I had a little thinning on top, which is the warmest part of your head, but with a little creative parting was able to hide it, and can see already see growth from using the growth serum. It is well worth a try to maintain some normalcy in your life during this difficult cancer process! Take it from one who’s lost all her hair previously during chemo, DigniCap is a wonderful option! Hang in there ladies and best of health and luck to all of you!