Minimizing hair loss helps patients to preserve personal identity and self-esteem and appear normal as opposed to sick. Protecting privacy and gaining the ability to choose whether to disclose a cancer diagnosis is significant to many patients. Additionally, scalp cooling patients gain a much-needed sense of control in an otherwise overwhelming experience.

As Published
Body image in women with breast cancer using a scalp cooling system to reduce chemotherapy induced alopecia.
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Abstract, December 2016
Cigler, T, et al.

A total of 117 patients were enrolled in the pivotal trial. 101 received scalp cooling using DigniCap and 16 were in the control group with no scalp cooling.




Women with breast cancer receiving scalp cooling using DigniCap versus control during chemotherapy: 

  • Were significantly less likely to lose ≥ 50% of their hair
  • Felt significantly more physically attractive
  • Were significantly less dissatisfied with their appearance when dressed
  • Regarded the importance of hair significantly more

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