An Italian study published in 2019 assessed the effectiveness of scalp cooling with DigniCap for patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy with an anthracycline with or without taxanes.

As Published
Preventing chemotherapy-induced alopecia: a prospective clinical trial on the efficacy and safety of a scalp-cooling system in early breast cancer patients treated with anthracyclines.
British Journal of Cancer (2019) 121:325-331
Munzone, E, et al.


  • The DigniCap System was able to prevent significant hair loss in 43% of breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy.
  • The study had a lower than expected dropout rate with only 7% discontinuation. Among the patients that continued, the success rate was 54%.
  • None of the patients who participated in the study using DigniCap developed scalp metastases after a mean follow-up of 2.4 years.

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