Knowing you are not alone in your fight with cancer can be a great source of strength. You may find it liberating to document your journey, and your story may also help inspire others as they face their toughest challenge. Below are just a few of the stories that patients have shared about their journey with DigniCap. 

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Donna | Connecticut

Donna | Connecticut

With the use of DigniCap, I was able to keep all of my hair and could choose to stay more private about my battle with cancer. 

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Angela | California

Accepting the fact that I was going to lose my hair was very difficult because I felt as if I would be losing part of my identity.  With the DigniCap, it allowed me to have control over something in a process where I really had no control.

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Carolyn | New York

Not having that reminder every time you look in the mirror that you are sick, and you look normal to your friends and family, made the chemo much more bearable. Instead of illness, I saw myself.

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Deborah | California

Deborah | California

It was a powerful experience to look healthy throughout chemotherapy and be treated as a healthy person by others.

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Heather | California

Some people seem to think that the hair loss of cancer treatment is trivial, that it’s just something to be got through, that it’s not important… The desire to keep your hair during chemo is not about vanity.

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