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Is scalp cooling right for me?

  • I understand that scalp cooling may cause pain or discomfort with extreme cold sensitivity, which
    typically diminishes within the first 30 minutes of treatment.
  • I understand there are special hair care recommendations.
  • I understand that treatment scheduling will depend on machine availability.
  • I will need to have a cap fitting done prior to the first treatment.
  • I understand that if I use this service it will require additional time after the infusion (60-180 minutes).
  • I understand that the goal of treatment with DigniCap is less than 50% hair loss.
  • I am aware that shedding will occur and that DigniCap will not completely prevent hair loss.
  • I understand that the amount of hair loss is dependent on several factors including the chemotherapy regimen, dosage, duration of drug infusion, chemotherapy drug, metabolism, and other medical conditions.
  • I understand that insurance may not cover the cost of scalp cooling treatments.
  • I have discussed the DigniCap contraindications and warnings with my provider and understand these risks.
  • I understand that scalp cooling results are variable and that there is no guarantee of success.

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