Natalie | Georgia
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer (HER2+)

I got diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2020, and I was shocked and scared!! The first thing I was told is I would lose my hair and of course no lady wants to lose their hair. I was only 35 years old with a set of twins that were 6 years old and a stepdaughter that was 4 years old. I was scared of how they would look at me and ask Mommy, What happened to your hair?

Then, the Cancer Treatment Center of America told me about DigniCap, I looked at my husband and said I want to do the cap. DigniCap helped me emotionally through treatment and it helped my children to not see the harsh side effects of chemotherapy. I finished my final chemotherapy treatment in November and I still have my hair. Yes it thins and you still lose some hair but I didn’t lose it all! I’m very thankful for DigniCap.