Lisa | Texas
Diagnosis: Breast cancer

Hearing the diagnosis of breast cancer from my OBGYN in July 2018 left me with a variety of emotions, including fear, sadness, and worry for my family, who I knew would now be spending their precious time at my side supporting me during the upcoming difficult journey.  Like most people, I never expected to become a cancer patient. Honestly, I was shocked since I was a very healthy middle-age woman, with an athletic background, and very happily spending time in my life with my wonderful family, along with a successful career in commercial real estate.

When my Oncologist explained all the details to me regarding my diagnosis and the chemotherapy to come, I immediately immersed myself in researching all available treatment options. As part of the plethora of information that was provided, the DigniCap brochures were among the deliverables from my Oncologist. I read and re-read the brochure numerous times, and of course, I looked up feedback on the internet regarding others who had used it.

After numerous discussions with my husband, I decided to use DigniCap during my treatment.  A large part in deciding this was related to my personality and my work. I wanted to fight hard to beat breast cancer, but I also wanted to fight hard to not look ill. I am the type of person who prefers privacy without having others recognize that I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It was not an issue of vanity at all, but the ability to prove to myself that I was strong.

I wondered if I could endure the process during each treatment, because I had heard that the cap was cold, and truly I don’t really like being cold. While the cold cap was– in fact–cold, my husband was at my side for every treatment. He wrapped me in an electric blanket like a hot dog in a hot dog bun, which worked very well! We had a great system that I credit my husband and oncology nurses for their dedication in achieving it.

All my nurses, friends, and family were astonished at my hair and how beautifully it turned out after 3 months of chemotherapy.  I did lose some hair, but there were no bald patches–only thinning of hair that remarkably has come back to fullness after a few months post chemotherapy.  I was fully dedicated to using organic shampoo and conditioner during treatment, and no chemicals or heat whatsoever on my hair.

I highly recommend DigniCap. Following my treatment in December 2018, I donated funds to help those who want to use the cold cap process but cannot afford it. For me, it indeed kept my mind and spirit strong to have kept my hair during and after treatment.