Linda | New York
Age: 59
Diagnosis: Stage 1b Triple Positive Breast Cancer
Chemotherapy Regimen: Taxol and Herceptin
Total Treatments: 12 
Infusion Center: New York-Presbyterian Columbia

First of all, IT WORKS!! IT’S REALLY COLD! I was the CEO of Susan G. Komen NYC and NEVER thought I would be diagnosed and never thought about hair loss for an early-stage diagnosis. As a working professional, I did NOT want to lead with “I have cancer.” I told people mostly on a need to know until after my treatment.
People (including oncologists) were SHOCKED when I told them my situation and they’d look at me and say, “YOUR HAIR!” and I’d reply, “scalp cooling works!”

I did need to cut my hair super short to accommodate the “no-heat-styling” rule since my hair requires almost daily blow-drying. Also, the no-coloring rule was tough. I did color it (no ammonia product) about six weeks after treatment which I knew was not recommended, but my hair was fine.

The aides DigniCap trained were super helpful and sweet. It helps to have someone who is experienced at putting on the cap. I don’t know how patients can manage all by themselves during treatment since going to the bathroom requires someone who can help you disconnect and reconnect. And not sure how patients could manage in the winter…brrrr.

I am now three months post-treatment and my hair is great, and I am great. I’m now the CEO of the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer. I am in contact with A LOT of oncologists, etc. I am delighted to tell them that cold capping works!