Jen | New York
Diagnosis: Breast cancer
Chemotherapy regimen: Adriamycin/Cytoxan, Taxol
Total treatments: 16

When I was diagnosed with cancer last year and learned that I needed chemo, of course one of my initial thoughts was whether I would lose my hair. I wasn’t so concerned for myself, but more for my two small kids. I was very nervous that such a dramatic change to my appearance would probably affect them more than any other side effect from the chemotherapy.

When I went for my first appointment with my oncologist, she told me about the DigniCap System, and how she had participated in the clinical trials that led to FDA clearance. I had never heard of scalp cooling and was immediately on board to try it. I was also very happy to hear that there would always be a rep from DigniCap on site to put on the cap, check-in with me, and remove it when I was done. I learned from women being treated elsewhere and with different cooling devices, that they had different experiences from mine.

Before my first round of chemotherapy, I was advised to cut my hair shorter, which I would absolutely recommend. Having less hair length made the process simpler and causes less shedding.

At my first AC treatment, I arrived with a freshly washed head of hair, which they dampened again before putting on the cap. Though the cap is tight and the scalp cooling technology is freezing, I got used to the process. I definitely took advantage of the warm blankets that are offered and dressed warmly during my treatment. Despite the comfort challenges I feel that I had a very successful experience with DigniCap.

I lost maybe about 15% of my hair all-in-all and started seeing regrowth even before my treatment had ended. Where I did have a few bald spots, it was easy to style my hair to conceal them—even my close friends were amazed, you’d never know I was going through chemo from my hair. Were there times when I was anxious, doubtful, or confused in my treatment? Sure, but that’s life with cancer, and to be able to keep my life as normal as possible for myself and my family during this journey was certainly worth it.

While I didn’t always feel like myself, I looked more like myself to everyone around me, especially my kids, which made the whole process a fulfilling one! I’m so grateful that DigniCap was a part of my cancer experience!