Gunes | Istanbul, Turkey
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Chemotherapy Regimen: TCHP
Total Treatments: 6

This is Gunes. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. DigniCap is my hero and this is definitely a success story. First I would like to thank to DigniCap Turkey team.

When I heard that I will have to take chemotherapy, first I thought about my hair like any woman. I am someone who loves my hair very much. Its more than hair. My hair is my personality and I didn’t lose my personality thanks to the DigniCap. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see a sick person. This has been very positive for my treatment. I didn’t have to tell anyone about my situation.

When I first heard about it, I bought myself prosthetic hair and never used it. My friends who see me can’t believe how I still have hair. Yes, I lost a lot of hair, but I am still see myself in the mirror. I experienced a general shedding and opening especially on the top area, but after starting Taxol rounds, my shed hair started to grow very much and I don’t have any open area right now.

Only 2 sessions remained until the end of my 16 sessions of chemotherapy and the shedding stopped completely after the 11th session. Most patients do not even know about DigniCap. Doctors approach the situation with hesitation. My advice to you is that try it and care your hair like a baby and comb every day. This is most important thing in process. I combed very carefully twice a day. You will see my photos step by step during 5 months.

Don’t worry, time will pass very fast and you will be very fine soon.