If you have been referred to use The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, it is because your doctor believes you may be a good candidate for scalp cooling.


Your clinician will provide you with everything you need for scalp cooling with DigniCap. You will need a Cooling Wrap and Thermal Cap for each of your treatments.


It is important for you to watch the DigniCap Delta Training Video before your first treatment. Watch the video several times until you are familiar with the capping process.

Click HERE to watch the video on our Patient Resources & Instruction page.


STEP 1 – Prepare Materials

Set out the Cooling Wrap and Thermal Cap.

Before fitting the wrap, remove any hair accessories as well as earrings, hearing aids and glasses. If needed, glasses may be worn outside the thermal cap during the cooling session.

STEP 2 – Wet Hair

Fill a spray bottle with room temperature water and wet hair thoroughly. Saturate the hair by sections, lifting up the hair and spraying the roots. It is important that the hair and roots are completely wet but not dripping.

STEP 3 – Comb Hair

Using a wide tooth comb or detangling brush, part your hair in the center. Comb all hair straight down and as flat as possible. Use your hands to gently smooth your hair down against your head. Do not tuck hair behind ears.

STEP 4 – Fit the Cooling Wrap

Fit the Cooling Wrap around the back of your head. Bring the center flap from the back of the head forward, ensuring it is laying flat.

STEP 5 – Secure Forehead Tabs

Attach and adjust the large Velcro tabs in the front across your forehead.

STEP 6 – Connect Top Tabs

Place the short tabs across the top of your head, adjusting the Velcro tabs until you have achieved a close fit. There may be small gaps which will be closed by the tight fit of the Thermal Cap.

STEP 7 – Fit Thermal Cap

To put on the Thermal Cap, use both hands to pull the cap down over the Cooling Wrap. It may be helpful to pull down from the ear holes. Smooth the cap from the top, down the sides and back until you have close contact across all parts of your head.

STEP 8 – Place Chin Strap

Attach the chin strap on both sides of the cap. Center the padded piece on your chin and pull down on the side straps.

STEP 9 – Adjust Fit

Adjust the fit of the Thermal Cap by repositioning the tabs across the top of the head.

The cap should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. It is important that the caps are positioned straight on your head. There are no cooling
channels in the section of the wrap over your forehead, so this section will not get cold.

STEP 10 – Treatment

Your clinician will connect the cap to the machine. You will wear the cap for the duration of your infusion and post-cooling time. If you need to visit the restroom during treatment, ask your clinician how to easily disconnect for a few minutes.

STEP 11 – After Treatment

After treatment, your clinician will disconnect the cap. To remove the caps from your head, remove the chin strap and gently slide both caps straight up. You can leave the Velcro tabs on the wrap in place to provide an easy fit for your next treatment.


If you wish to clean the Cooling Wrap and Thermal Cap, use a medical-grade disinfectant spray, such as STERIS Coverage Spray TB (or equivalent). Do not use bleach. The neoprene Thermal Cap can also be turned inside out and machine washed on cold. Air dry only. Do not use heat.

To store, separate the Cooling Wrap from the Thermal Cap and place in a mesh tote bag. The Wrap and Cap should not be exposed to extreme temperatures and should be stored between 10-26 C / 50-80 F (ambient).

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