If you have been referred to use The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, it is because your doctor believes you may be a good candidate for scalp cooling. Your provider will give you a Custom Fit Kit and you will have a cap fitting either before or the day of your first treatment. It is important that the silicone cap is fitted very closely to your scalp as any air trapped between the scalp and the cap may negatively affect the cooling and results.

Bring your Custom Fit Kit to each treatment This kit contains items you will need to use DigniCap: 

Adjustable chin strap
Knit cap
Spray bottle




It is important for you to watch both of the DigniCap Instruction videos before going into your cap fitting. Watch the complete videos several times until you are familiar with the capping process.

DigniCap Instruction: Fitting the Silicone Cap
DigniCap Instruction: Fitting the DigniTherm Click Cap

Click HERE to watch the videos on our Patient Resources & Instruction page.

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