Diagnosis: Triple-negative breast cancer
Chemotherapy Regimen: Taxol/Carboplatin

Once I was diagnosed with TNBC, I was rushed through a series of tests and doctor appointments. There was no time to evaluate the options presented. I trusted the doctors and the nurses to provide the best care. When they suggested I use DigniCap and I read the brochure, I realized that it was out of pocket and insurance did not cover it. There was a 60% chance of not losing my hair. I have short hair and it was not my focus for the treatment. Even with these constraints, I went with the recommendation and signed up to use DigniCap during my weekly treatments. I have completed 10 weeks of treatment and have 10 more to go.

After 10 weeks, I have not lost a single hair on my head. I still have all the hats I bought sitting in their original packets. Besides the usual, normal shedding in the shower, nothing…I waited for clumps, I waited for heavy shedding. So far nothing. This was with Taxol/Carboplatin. I will update the results after my AC treatment

Cons – I get a terrible headache when the machine starts. But it was explained in the brochure, not a surprise. I take Tylenol before starting and that really helps. Due to the DigniCap treatment, my two-hour treatment extends to 5 hours. But in my opinion, it is worth it.
I do follow their haircare instructions to a T. Wash twice a week with chemical-free shampoo and conditioner (paraben and sulfate-free). They are expensive but totally worth it for our hair! Before chemo, I wash and do not condition, have to keep the hair dry of oils. I look like a porcupine when I walk in the center…but unlike what we may think or believe, no one cares about how your hair looks in the infusion center.
I went with DigniCap with no opinion or expectation. After 10 weeks, I will recommend it to everyone who is thinking about it.