Debbie | Louisiana
Age: 65
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Chemotherapy Regimen: Docetaxel, Carboplatin, Trastuzumab, Pertuzumab
Total Treatments: 6

Breast cancer runs in my family, both of my sisters have battled breast cancer, cousins, and my great grandmother. I had breast cancer in 2017 so this is my second battle. I believe I was able to accept it and move on much easier the second time around.

I wanted to use DigniCap for a personal desire to maintain my dignity, who wants to lose their hair? Also, my work as a children’s teacher and adult trainer has me in the public eye every week. So that was another factor in my decision to use DigniCap.

I am thankful I decided to cut my hair short before I started the treatment. Having short hair kept me tangle-free and I believed helped save a lot of my hair.

The one problem I had was that I needed to clip my hair back to keep it out of my eyes, it was too short to tuck behind my ears. Even though I was very careful not to pull my hair, the clipping back caused me to lose hair at my forehead line. I solved that problem by cutting bangs! I discovered that I LOVE bangs because they hide my eyebrows!

Also, I want to mention, I got tons of compliments on my short hairstyle. People would have to do a double-take but they loved it.

I am blessed to have very thick hair, so I started off with LOTS of hair. I think I’ve shed 30-40% of my hair but still have a good head of hair.

The one thing I was doing wrong and causing the most hair loss was that when I shampooed my hair I was rubbing too hard. When I realized shampooing was causing a LOT of hair loss, I cut back to just once a week. I also only lathered up one time instead of twice. I was also very, very gentle. One lady recommended watering the shampoo down before applying to my hair. This was a great tip and made lathering up quicker and easier. Also, I saw on a DigniCap brochure the suggestion to use the palms of my hands instead of finger tips to lather up. That also was a big help.

I seemed to manage just fine wearing the DigniCap and didn’t need any extra meds, I did bring an electric throw which helped tremendously. Having a friend to visit with also helped me keep my mind off of the DigniCap.

So here I am, at the end of the DigniCap journey and I am very grateful to have my own hair and my dignity. Thank you so much.