In the United States patients are able to pay for DigniCap per treatment, whether online or through your treatment center. Your facility will let you know how to pay.

The cost for DigniCap varies at different locations and is also dependent on number of treatments. On average the total patient cost is between $1500 – $2000 for a full course of chemo.

There may be an additional fee at some facilities for nursing time or other administrative costs. For pricing information at your facility, please login to the myDigniCap Patient Portal.


Dignitana was a founding partner of HairToStay, a national non-profit foundation that provides subsidies to scalp cooling patients with demonstrated financial need. 

In addition, some patients have received funding from individual medical center foundations, community health funds and other philanthropic entities that work to increase awareness and provide financial assistance to scalp cooling patients in their communities. Listed below are a few of these organizations. Ask your healthcare provider if there are any local or regional organizations in your area such as Cold Capital Fund serving the Washington DC area and Hope for Hair Foundation in North Carolina. 



Cold Capital Fund

Hope for Hair Foundation


Insurance coverage for scalp cooling is not yet standard in the United States, however DigniCap patients have submitted insurance claims and received reimbursement for treatment costs at varying levels since DigniCap received FDA clearance in 2015. Success with reimbursement varies depending on plan, coverage, and location. With the  July 2017 expansion of DigniCap clinical indications to include patients with solid tumors, claims for reimbursement and demand for coverage will continue to build as more patients utilize this life changing treatment at infusion centers across the United States.

Visit our Insurance page for more information on insurance coverage.

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