Click Cap

DigniTherm™ Click Cap

The DigniTherm Click Cap is engineered with the Boa® Closure System, ensuring a close fit for optimal results during the scalp cooling process to minimize chemotherapy induced hair loss.

Launched by Dignitana in December 2017 to enhance the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, the DigniTherm Click Cap is:

  • Easy for patients to quickly achieve a precise fit
  • Comfortable contact with uniform pressure throughout
  • Secure closure means once locked, it stays in place

DigniCap is FDA cleared and available at infusion centers across the country for women and men with solid tumor cancers.

How to Put on the DigniTherm Click Cap by DigniCap

This is custom fit, with the DigniTherm Click Cap by DigniCap

 Guía paso a paso 

Ajuste personalizado del gorro ajustable DigniTherm®


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