Chloe | California
Age: 33
Diagnosis: Stage 2a Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Chemotherapy Regimen: Taxotere/Cytoxan
Total Treatments: 4
Infusion Center: UCLA Beverly Hills

“I couldn’t be more grateful to DigniCap for saving my hair and keeping me looking like myself through my treatment – even when I didn’t feel myself. I could look in the mirror and see me still, so emotionally it was so much easier to deal with everything else going on. At least I didn’t look sick and could keep my identity.

Cancer takes enough from us without also taking our hair if we can avoid it. I followed all the directions during and after my sessions, washed my hair over the sink in cold water, braided it at night to keep it together, slept with a silk pillowcase, carefully brushed with a wide tooth comb, used sulfate free hair products etc. However, the machine and the team at UCLA did all the real work. I couldn’t be more grateful to have kept 99% of my hair through treatment, other than the baby hairs around my face and sideburns which grew back even quicker from the scalp cooling. It was also painless other than the first 5-10 minutes while your scalp goes numb. As a young woman in their 30s, hearing you have cancer is traumatic enough without having to lose that part of yourself, I would do it over and over again if I had to, (which hopefully I don’t). I finished chemo a year ago now and I’m back dying my hair and treating it as normal and couldn’t be happier. I will be forever grateful and can’t recommend DigniCap and their kind staff enough. Thank you!!!!”  – Chloe