A Month of Gratitude from the DigniCap Community

About the Campaign

Medical innovations like DigniCap have revolutionized the field of cancer care, helping to improve the quality of life for cancer patients across the United States and around the world. This fall, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October as well as both Ovarian Cancer and Prostate Cancer Awareness Months in September, we are taking a step back to recognize the people who have improved quality of life for cancer patients – friends, family members, clinicians, and caregivers alike. Our #BetterWithYou campaign aims to provide a platform for all affected by cancer to express their gratitude to someone who has significantly supported them. We are highlighting stories from our own DigniCap patients – because our work is truly #BetterWithYou.

#BetterWithYou is not restricted to breast, ovarian and prostate cancer patients – we encourage people affected by all types of cancers to share – because until there’s an end to this disease, we’ll continue to stand together.

Here’s How You Can Participate:

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Share your own post to shout out someone who has touched you with their kindness using  #BetterWithYou

You can also share your #BetterWithYou story  with us via email!  Be sure to include photos, and send your story to marketing@dignitana.com