Bailey | Michigan
Age: 29
Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
Chemotherapy Regimen: Adriamycin Cytoxan (4)  /  Taxol (12)
Total Treatments: 16

I was diagnosed with breast cancer March 2022 at 28 years old, and I wasn’t afraid to admit right away I was TERRIFIED about losing my hair. Thinking of losing all of my hair made me cry each time. I have an amazing husband & 3-year-old. My husband and I read up about DigniCap and I am SO GRATEFUL I was able to use DigniCap, it brings happy tears to my eyes.

My results have blown me away. I have ZERO balding after one of the harshest regimens. My hair of course thinned out but no one would ever notice! Keeping my hair through this difficult journey helped me mentally and helped keep my spirits up during all of it because I felt more like MYSELF. My toddler never had to see his mama’s appearance change so he had no idea anything was ever going on.

My nurses did an INCREDIBLE job with my cap – they made the process so easy with no stress involved at all. I was so scared about the cold cap being too cold, but you honestly get so used to it, YOU CAN DO IT! While I write this, I still can’t believe I have a full head of hair after 6 months of chemo. I washed my hair only once a week on chemo morning and I never used the comb in my hair wet. I waited until it was completely dry before running the comb through it holding my hair like a “horse tail” starting at the bottom. I used Native (almond) shampoo from Target and then after each shower I alternated and used the Redken line (PH & Protein).

The process seems more stressful when you are reading about it, but I promise you it is much easier than it seems, and DigniCap is so great at getting back to you with any questions. If you are feeling the way I was about losing your hair I absolutely recommend trying DigniCap and KEEP going don’t give up. Hair loss will still happen, but you will have more hair than if you hadn’t tried it. I am finally done with treatment and can still feel like me when I look in the mirror!!!

I’d love to be there for anyone who needs support. I know I needed support and I had to search to find somebody. Please feel free to connect me on Instagram – my breast cancer & DigniCap journey page is @baileysbreastcancerjourney. I’d love to be a part of your support system, THANK YOU DIGNICAP!