The DigniCap® App

THIS APPLICATION IS DIRECTED ONLY TO U.S. CONSUMERS FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF DIGNITANA, INC.  This application is not directed to consumers outside of the U.S.

The DigniCap® App allows current and potential users of the DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System easy access to:

  • myDigniCap where patients can pay for treatments they have scheduled
  • Patient Help Desk for quick response to any questions
  • Access to Frequently Asked Questions and Hair Care Tips
  • Quick link to other content from the DigniCap® website

DigniCap® is a patented scalp cooling system to reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss. In December 2015 DigniCap® received clearance from the FDA for use by women with breast cancer. With the introduction of the DigniCap® scalp cooling system, hair loss from chemotherapy is no longer inevitable.

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Learn about reducing hair loss for yourself or a loved one. Hear patients tell their stories about scalp cooling. Find out  where DigniCap® is available near you.






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Find out how scalp cooling can help your patients. Read about the science behind scalp cooling and clinical research findings on safety and efficacy.



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